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who we are.

An interior architecture collective working across multiple facets of the design industry including residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, co-living and multi-unit residential spaces. We place focus on build ability to ensure we extend intelligent design through human behaviour and smart detailing to enhance every space for its intended use. 

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FOS Collective was started on the basis of three main goals: to create, to inspire and to collaborate. We believe that those core principles can work in harmony with one another to achieve amazing results.


Our experience in different spaces and aspects of the design and manufacturing process has allowed us to acquire a knowledge and combined skill set that is sought after by clients and collaborators alike.

Our solution is to let our clients inspire us and our choices. Through the FOS Collective’s experience as a whole we have been, and will be able to continue to offer our clients a one of a kind experience.  


As our clients' designs evolve, our collective skills are able to grow.

our vision.

Our goal is to create functional & beautifully designed spaces. We tap into the vast skill set we have acquired, as a collective, and ensure we design spaces that are functional and unique as well as tapping into the senses to ensure a successful well rounded result in commercial and residential spaces.

At FOS Collective we don't just create - we innovate, inspire and expand through collaborations and building relationships in the hope that we can give back, whether through the physical transformation of spaces or through shared experiences with hopes to inspire others.

Every raging inferno that is a work of art starts with a single spark of inspiration.


We are always looking for outside-the-box thinkers who are skilled, dedicated and daring, to expand our network. 

We love working with like minded design talent and collaborating with people or companies in large projects that have a greater impact on the community.

We also enjoy collaborating with charitable organisations to create one-of-a-kind projects that will stand the rest of time and make a lasting impression.

We constantly work towards maintaining a team environment where people are free to be who they are and speak their minds. FOS Collective was founded on the idea of Freedom Of Speech. So it’s very important that every team member knows they have a voice. 


Innovation dies in silence while inspiration is born out of discussion.

our passion.

behind the curtain.

Spiroula Stathakis

Founder & Director

Design Institute of Australia Accredited Designer

BDAA Associate Member

Australian Small Business Champion Award Finalist

Business Elite '40 under 40'




With over a decade of experience in the world of interior design, throughout the course of her career prior to becoming the director of FOS Collective, Spiroula has been able to work on a diverse collection of projects. From hospitality, commercial, residential and within the media to working hands on in manufacturing, she has experienced the entire process from concept through to execution.

Previously working as a showroom designer for Good Guys and Freedom kitchens, Spiroula was able to work on TV show's such as The Block, Reno Rumble and Deadline Designs where 3 of her 6 kitchens were voted best in the history of the show with the same 3 receiving perfect 10's.


While working as an Interior Architect  for Mostaghim & Associates, Spiroula co-designed Australia's first Co-living space UKO alongside a team of exceptional designers, the first of which was located in Stanmore (Good Design Australia award winner & House awards shortlist), having since worked on two additional UKO's in Paddington & Newtown. Whilst working as the Design Manager for Foxville Project Group, she was able to further hone her skills by being involved with Crown Casino (Barangaroo) and had the opportunity to create the first wet trade free, modular concept for Education NSW amongst others.

In order to become a more efficient and skilled designer, Spiroula has gained extensive experience within the manufacturing and construction side of the industry, managing the design development and production of spaces and joinery, travelling to China to review production as well as touching on project management to encapsulate the entire process. Spiroula doesn't push a particular style of design onto her clients; her style is inspired by the client's vision & needs.

Spiroula's career experience and past client relationships

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Women in Construction Sydney Build Expo
Diversity in Construction Sydney Build Expo
Derek's Place Charity
Little Legs Foundation Charity
Our Big Kitchen Charity
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