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the studio.

Turn your vision into reality through beautiful and intelligent design! Our extensive industry knowledge means that we don't only focus on the aesthetics but the build ability also. We believe that design without great execution is just a vision!

Contact us now to start your journey. 

what we do.

we are trained to take all the guesswork out of your project so you can enjoy the journey

1  \  discovery call.

So, you've enquired about our services and made contact with us - that's great! but what's next? We then make contact with you to book in a discovery call.

A discovery call is a brief 15-20 minute conversation, whereby we discuss the project expectations, timeline, and scope of works to evaluate whether we are a good fit for you and your end goal. We like to obtain a detailed brief of what it is you are after to ensure we create a tailored and accurate proposal for you.

Obtaining all the relevant information upfront is a sure way to make sure there are no nasty surprises or misunderstandings throughout the project phases.

Complete transparency is key!

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2  \  clay session.

The clay session is the initial project briefing stage where we get to know more about you and your vision and obtain an in depth view of your needs and expectations.

This session allows us to mould the design to suit your needs moving forward.

3  \  phase a.

This phase is the beginning of the design process where we create a concept based on the brief and vision shared with us during our clay session. This phase is presented as a visual medium through inspirational images and finishes selections and samples.

This allows us to paint you a picture of the space.

4  \  phase b.

Once the selections and general look and feel phase of the process is complete, we proceed to the design development stage.


At this point, you will have a greater understanding of the design intent and the direction your project will take, but how do these ideas translate into your own unique space and align with the brief? - this is where the development and customisation of those ideas are modelled up in 3D with all the finishes applied, to ensure you can visualise your space prior to proceeding to phase c, where technical drawings take place.


5  \  phase c.

After carefully navigating through the design development, ensuring you are happy with the design intent, finishes, layouts etc. we then proceed to accurately document all the necessary spaces, joinery and so on, through CAD (computer-aided drawings).

These are essential for construction coordination and transparency. Our drawings are also accompanied with a set of schedules, outlining all the specified items, finishes, lighting etc. required to ensure a smooth project management and procurement process.

6  \  construction.

We love to be involved during the construction phase of the project, so please don't leave us out! This could include site visits or reviewing shop / working drawings sent by contractors to ensure the design intent is being executed correctly.


We want the final product to be executed just as beautifully and accurately as it is designed and documented.

your investment.

we believe complete transparency is the key to a successful collaboration

1  \  how we price.

We understand the extensive costs involved during a build and how they can easily add up therefore, we believe it's important to understand where and why you should invest and collaborate with contractors that are transparent and honest in their service and their pricing, so you can easily budget around those costs.

To mitigate those risks as best we can, we are sharing how our pricing is structured.  

Following our discovery call whereby we evaluate the project requirements and whether we are a good fit for you, we will then draft up a detailed design proposal based on our discussion. This proposal includes a project timeline estimate of how long we believe our services will take to complete and how many hours are allocated to each stage, as well as a breakdown of what is and isn't included. However, delays do occur, whether they be in the approval, design or construction phases, and sometimes these are unforeseen and the project timeline and/or project expectations may need to shift to allow for these amendments and delays.

As interior architects, we usually have extensive involvement in the project and advise that we are engaged from the pre-approval stage so we can also review the internal flow and layouts before council gets their hands on the plans.

Engaging our services early in the project, ensures the architecture and interiors complement each other and there are no future changes that could result in revised council approvals - no one wants that!

Our fees are (+GST)

  • Discovery call: Free

  • Phone consultation
    (up to 15mins): free

  • Director Hourly rate: $250

2  \  why we price that way.

Every project is priced on its own merit, as the scope of works and type of project can vary drastically. Our fee breakdown in the proposal, outlines all inclusions and exclusions from the fixed fee price and what may be priced hourly, so you can easily forecast and budget for our service.

Due to the extensive industry experience of our team, we are passing over years of knowledge, technical skills, tips and tricks, connections and relationships we have built. We take out all the guesswork and provide hassle-free solutions, documentation and selections, to ensure a smooth process from concept through to execution.

We have built long-lasting and strong relationships with various contractors and suppliers, to not only provide unique products and solutions for your project, but we're also able to pass on industry-exclusive trade savings.

3  \  why this is one of the most crucial investments during any project.

We believe it is critical for you to understand exactly why interior design is an imperative investment in any project. It's easy enough to explain what it is that we do, but what does that mean for you and your end goal?

A project could be your place of residence, your place of business, or an investment - this plays a large role in how we approach your design, details, and selections to ensure your brief and expectations are met whether they be emotionally, aesthetically or financially driven.

Irrespective of the type of project, there are consistent ways in which utilising the correct interior designer adds a vast amount of value to any project and how the alternative, or no designer at all, could end up costing you far more in the long run.

As Warren Buffett quotes "Price is what you pay, value is what you get" and we couldn't agree more. Here are just some of the ways designers add value.

  • Help create a visual plan from the start

  • Translate style into a space

  • Value-added engineering

  • Acquire superior resources and connections

  • The 'WOW' factor

  • Great way to save time and money

Click here to have a look at our post explaining each of the above points in more detail.

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