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FOS Collective is a design studio started on the basis of three main goals: to create, to inspire and to collaborate. Along with inspiration comes education, and with over a decade in the industry as an interior designer, we've acquired an in depth understanding of what is required to make it in the elaborate world of interior design. Come along for the ride and see for yourself whether this is the path for you. FOS Collective is not just a typical studio however, we also use our extensive experience to coach and mentor designers throughout their career, along with being speakers and ambassadors.



"Dreaming of Living Spaces" is a captivating e-book that invites you to embark on a journey of imagination, inspiration, and practical guidance in pursuit of your ideal home. Whether you're a homeowner, a design enthusiast, or simply someone with a passion for creating beautiful living spaces, this e-book is your ultimate source of inspiration.

Within the digital pages of "Dreaming of Living Spaces," you will find a breakdown of the different spaces and elements that make up the living spaces with which we all reside. You will receive tailored advice from an industry expert along with tips on how to make your home more comfortable through topics such as furniture selection and enhancing interior spaces through colour to explaining the benefits of specific design elements such as bookshelves and wall decoration. It's the tips you need for your home from an industry expert who wants you to have it!

Interior Design E-Book | Dreaming of Living Spaces

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