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FOS Collective is a design studio started on the basis of three main goals: to create, to inspire and to collaborate. Along with inspiration comes education, and with over a decade in the industry as an interior designer, we've acquired an in depth understanding of what is required to make it in the elaborate world of interior design. Come along for the ride and see for yourself whether this is the path for you. FOS Collective is not just a typical studio however, we also use our extensive experience to coach and mentor designers throughout their career, along with being speakers and ambassadors.

We can all agree, it is difficult trying to figure out what you want to do in life - do I study or not? maybe I just jump into the work force? how about I take over the family business? Not everyone has a variety of options to choose from and many people will even change their careers many times throughout their lifetime before they find their calling.
There are hundreds if not thousands of courses out there on 'how' to be a designer but what about 'why' you want to be one? This guide covers topics such as carefully defining interior design, sales techniques, creative visualisation, industry pro's and con's and salary expectations amongst others. You will also find reflection pages and a printable summary to keep you on track!
If you are looking at this guide it is because you are a creative, so we have designed this with you in mind. This guide will ask you questions and raise points that are going to be real noggin scratchers, probably things you've never had to consider before. We have made it interactive to test your skills and provided space for taking notes as you go.
We want to help you, regardless of whether it is your first career or your fifth. All ages and stages of life will benefit as we give you a little insight into what needs to be considered, which we are confident will save you time and money through certainty in your decision.
Take this journey with us and expand your mind and your options in life!

Interior Design E-Book | Dreaming of becoming an Interior Designer?

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